Week 46 of 2016 – Going for Mt. Batolusong

This was first planned trek.

My first trek was in Batad.  My second one was in Baler.  Both unplanned.  I was so tired.

This was in Mt. Batolusong, I consciously made a decision to join the trek.  It was me and four other girls from the office.

I was all into planning. Weeks before it, I was reading through blogs about so I know what to expect. The day before we went, I was Wazing it.  But I could not find it.  It was so far-flung in Tanay that Google maps (from which Waze is based) has not mapped it out yet.

I met my friends at around 4:00 AM in Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City.  We had our small trekking bags ready because we know that day hikes do not necessitate bring so much stuff. We had a 1 liter water each, except for one who has 2 liters with her.  We all got some baseball caps for easy protection against the sun, and waterproof jacket with hoodie in case it drizzles (which it did).

I cannot give you tips on how we got there.  I had my father drove us there, all the way to the barangay hall.  We listed at around 5 AM and we started our trek.  Please note that there was no cellular signal  from hereon out.

This is the view before from where we were dropped off. Towards the left is the street that leads to the Brgy. San Andres Tourism Information Center where you register and get your trek guide
There were some stores so you can add some more food! Ahaha! Food is all I think about!
On your right hand side is the barangay hall where you register at the start and wash up (in the washroom) at the end. This was open at the wee hours of the morning when trekkers arrive. The Tourism Center is that small hut at the back. I saw it opened when we were chilling as wait for my father to pick us up. You can also pass time by watching men play basketball at the multipurpose court (on the left-hand side of the photo)

It was a fairly easy ascent even for novices like us.  We were talking/catching up while walking.  The slopes were not that treacherous, as much as I would like to say that it was an adventure.  I am not familiar with the hiking rating but I read it was 4 out 10 in the scale, meaning beginners will not have a hard time climbing it.  It was not treacherous but it was challenging enough for beginners

There were some breaks we needed to take as we go up, and it was getting steeper, but it was all manageable. I was eating Snickers chocolates, the others are munching on Jelly Ace. I love chocolates so I think no matter where I go, I would always bring some with me.

In case you don’t have food with you, there was a makeshift store that sells all kinds of snacks and drinks.

It was getting steeper and harder

Again, there was cellular signal here.  It really forces you to stay connected with the earth and with your companions.:)

One of the things that slows down the trek is the photo shoot! Almost every trekker gets up these sharp stones and gets their photo taken. It was hard to get here, mind you! It was not comfortable to sit on. I don’t know why we waited our turn to get our asses poked by these stones! Ahaha!

There was a plateau there where most people take a break and take pictures, and so we did too.

This was the highest height we got to and it was awash with fog so people went gaga over taking their photos
This sight was pretty good too

I had an shirt change at this point because I was drenched in sweat, I’ve got pit stains visible in photos (baskil:  basang kili-kili). I brought a spare pair of shorts, I wasn’t able to use it but my friend did!  My tip is to bring a changes of clothes (even undies).

Some change in terrain

At the end of the trail, there was a falls where everybody catches their breath before the went for the descent.

It was cold and refreshing!

Truth be told, I was at the tail-end of my period that time so I had to take care of things before I went for a swim, and another friend. We just covered ourselves with sarong at a discreet spot.  It was all good.

We started our descent (or ascent because it was still uphill) a few minutes after splashing at the falls.  But the trail was shorter because less than a kilometer ahead was the main road with tricycles plying by.  We rode in one to get back to the barangay hall where we started at past 11 AM.

Through Apple watch, these was the stats: almost 21,000 steps in almost 5 hours of trek

Thankfully, we had a ride so we did not had to weave through Tanay to find ourselves back in our respective homes.  In the car, all the three girls were sleeping.  I think all of us were healthy, all those walking was okay, it was really that early morning start that really got them.  A good night’s sleep is a really a must for this kind of activities.

For more information, you can check out the numbers here. If they can be reached. I haven’t really tried calling.  But there was a barangay guy who has this phone that can be used for emergency purposes.