San Antonio de Padua Parish Church – Pila, Laguna

This was our last church for our Visita Iglesia.  We have been to the churches of Mabitac, Pangil, Pakil, Paete, Pagsanjan, and Lumban.  This church has its own old-world charm.

I love Pila and its people.  When we visited the church of Pila or the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church, it was the Pailah Festival.  The grounds near the church was turned into a night market full of food kiosks and other Laguna products.  So although I was tired, with my migraine pounding, this place had given off a good vibe.

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The streets of Pila was alive
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Kiosks selling all sorts of products have started to open

The church itself is magnificent, and still undergoing renovation as of April 1, 2017 when we visited.  We thought it was closed because the entrance doors facing the open grounds was locked.  However, several residents pointed us to the side entrance.  It was huge inside.

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Renovations for the belfry is ongoing
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Our reflection for this church involved a prayer to those who have been good to us
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Everytime we get to the church, we huddle for a quick briefing usually led by Ms. Michelle and Sister Susay
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At the beginning, it was only our group who was inside the church. As 5:30 PM came in, people slowly trickled in for the 6 PM anticipated mass
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You can go behind the altar and go up the staircase to touch the image of San Antonio de Padua from this small window

This was the only church we have gone to that I went behind the altar to touch the statue of the patron saint and offer a little prayer.


This was one of the several San Antonio de Padua churches in the Philippines.  I remember visiting one in Manila.  This one in Pila, Laguna has survived being ravaged by the American forces, and many other calamities.  But it has remained its old-look, just like the rest of the houses and other buildings there that was marked National Historical Landmark.

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The church is surrounded by this old Spanish-styled houses



The church also has washrooms which you can use for free.  Not all have that.