Week 4 – So many things are wrong with my diet

I have been struggling with losing weight.  I am not that obese but I’m short and extra pounds make me look wider and a lot shorter.  I have been so self-conscious lately so I sought help.

I had a discussion with a nutritionist and here are the things that are wrong with my diet:

1. My so-called snacks are actually meals already.  Snacks are supposedly small chunks of food only.  In my case, I’ve been taking huge chunks.  The five frequent meals that I used to do was actually five frequent devouring mania.  Got to cut back to small portions.

2.  It is actually OK for me to eat dinner…provided it’s (a) with little to zilch rice or rice substitute, (b) high protein, (c) taken two hours before I sleep, (d) non-dairy, (e) got no fruits/sugar and (f) not chocolates/SUGAR.  Skipping dinner or any meal decreases your metabolism rate which is a no-no.

3.  Upon closer look at my chocolate intake, we realized that I take it mostly late afternoon to night (a lot more frequent at night).  Chocolates are omnipresent at our home.  So I was advised to take some chocolates to the office and satisfy my cravings on or before mid-afternoon.  The craving suppression is also responsible for my binge eating so for now, we will manage that by changing my chocolate-nibbling schedule.

4.  I need to take in lots of milk.  Or calcium supplements.  Since I LOOOOOOOOOVE milk (as much as I LOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate), I opted to consume milk.  But I was advised that it should be non-fat and taken only until PM snack (forbidden at night).

5.  My average calorie intake is about 1,824 kcal.  Which should only be at 1,200 kcal.  But for now, we are doing 1,500.  Which I’m still failing miserably at.

6.  Coffee, which I also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE as much as milk and chocolates, is better taken brewed/black with only 1 tsp of sugar.  My office’s FREE 3-in-1 coffee straight out of the magic vending machine is actually almost a cup of rice already.

7.  I have been substituting rice with sweet potato and breads but actually there isn’t much difference because they are still carbo-rich and I have been eating them in huge servings.

8.  I have built good muscles on my thighs and arms. My skin is not sagging and doesn’t have much cellulite.  My diet is not that poor/fastfood-driven/hopeless.  I take in all fruits and veggies that are served to me.  I refrain from alcohol and other addictive substances.  I sleep almost 7-8 hours a day.  It’s just really that I had poor eating habits.

9.  I have to have my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist for any diabetic changes since this disease runs in my family.  I also need to do some bloodworks to see what else needs fixing.

These are just preliminary.

I am now keeping a food diary from which the nutritionist will refer to during our sessions.  It is so enlightening to have this kind of crutch in your life.  There are so many things that are wrong with my diet.  But at least, I have realized it and sought help.  I need to exercise MORE, like A LOT MORE to burn off the fats I accumulated ever since I hit 30.  I am hoping that these could slowly whip my ass to shape… figuratively (because I’ve been told that my ass actually looks good and the butt cheeks are really tight).


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