Checking up on Chuck?

Well, if you really insist to find out more about me, here goes nothing. I’m a small-town girl who never really imagined traversing the Philippine roads.

Because of my job, I’m able to get to different places. The excited little girl that I am see things so vividly from high above the plane or behind the car windows. I long to feel concretes, the trees, the soil. I devour food offered to me with unwavering gusto.

I experience things out there a little more flavorful than some, maybe. And with that, I realized that’s the best part of my stressful job is a jab at the freshest fruits, the juiciest “liempo” and the best desserts around.

This blog is my little Thank-You to Him who gracefully led me to where I am now and where I’m going next… which probably has another good set of food.

And then again, I got some manic tendencies to blurt things out of the blue, so you’d see some digressions here.  Consider them as your condiments.


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