Week 7 of 2018 – Force feeding

I was really at a crossroads about my real estate broker gig.

While it offers me with additional source of income, it is somehow equally stressful for me.  I was seriously considering NOT renewing my BIR registration (Certificate of Registration or COR) this year to save on money, time and energy.

But, there I was today, on a Valentine’s Day, renewing my registration.  I was slapped with a fine, of course.  Here’s table for my future reference:


I should have just sent my sister as my authorized representative and do this renewal for me.  And also pay my Professional Tax Receipt’s one. But she was busy too.

I was in the middle of quitting my job and doing my school paper and I so I was putting this on the back seat. Until… a prospect came to me. So I said to myself, “Okay, I’ll just get this thing ready.”  One can hope, right?  I feel like I am force feeding myself but the last time I did this on 2015, it turned out to be one of my most productive (banner) year.  So 2018, I’ve got you by the ballssssssssssssss!

Just for future reference, avoid late registration so you would not have to spend 3x more money and time on this.