St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church – Pakil, Laguna

uSt. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church or the Pakil Church was one of the 7 churches in Laguna we visited on April 1, 2017.  Midway to Tavera Street, where the church can be found at the very end, our bus couldn’t move anymore. There were several buses of devotees who were there already.

P1180699 - Copy
The intricately beautiful Pakil Church exterior
Chu P1180626 - Copy
Our Lady of Turumba image outside the Church
P1180701 - Copy
The buses parked in front of the church

We went on foot and when we enter the church, I was surprise at how huge it was.  Hundreds of people were milling around.

Chu P1180681 - Copy (1)
Towards the beautiful altar
Chu P1180689 - Copy
These are just few of the hundred people milling around the church

Everytime we get to the church, we make it a point to huddle and discuss about the significance of the church.

P1180634 - Copy
We huddled at this area with a beautiful wooden ceiling.
P1180639 - Copy
After the huddle, we went upstairs to the Chapel of our Lady of Turumba and registered there.

We proceeded to the famous Chapel of Our Lady of Turumba. It was said that many people found their one true love here.  It holds a separate mass from the main church.

P1180653 - Copy
The chapel is full to the brim

There was a guy who tells stories about the Our Lady of Turumba.

P1180650 - Copy
This is the passionate guy who was telling us stories about the miracles of Our Lady of Turumba
Chu P1180654 - Copy
This chapel is about 40 sqm only and can only accommodate about 50 people


The rest of the church is well-preserved and the exterior is so intricately beautiful.

P1180657 - Copy
I got my place of solitude in the choir area
P1180660 - Copy
The church interior (look at the beautifully-designed pulpit)
P1180678 - Copy
The confessional booth (right smack at the cente rof the photo) and the pulpit


Chu P1180693 - Copy
What I like about old churches is their artworks and wooden craftsmanship
Chu P1180672 - Copy
The beauty in the broken

Don’t go there using a bus. It is probably through the graces of St. Peter and the Lady of Turumba that we got out there safely.  Plus, it pays that we had an expert driver.

This is one of the most unforgettable churches I have ever been.