Week 4 – Menu options

Some of us have options.

Like where to eat, what to eat, what time to eat. I was waiting for my sister to pick me up and go somewhere to eat. Two 8ish street kids were sitting on the steps, chillin’. Then they walked up to me and started going through my made up face: kapal daw ng kilay ko; ung mama nya nag-gaganon (makes a flicking gesture on the eyelash/read: mascara) din; naglalagay din daw ba ako ning sa pisngi (read: blush); lipstick. They were very observant.

They randomly shared their dreams: John Paul wants a salon, Prince will buy his mom all those make up. Prince asked if I was going to Taytay or waiting for a “kotse.” John Paul left home because “demonyo” daw mga dun. Prince fought for my attention by saying I have given him 20 bucks before in the Cainta church (haven’t been there for a year). I asked what they were doing there. They clean cars and get 2 pesos, 5 pesos or food in return. I told them not to do drugs. They said di sila sumisinghot ng rugby. I told them not to try it ever, and they volunteered not to drink and smoke too.

I hope they keep their words.

Two hours later, they were getting ready to go to bed (karton by the side of the convenience store). I walked up to them and gave them some food. They were thankful at the very least. Excited to open the food, YES! They asked me what the white thing on the cup. I said, “Sundae. Ice cream yan.” They were feasting as I left them.

I hope they choose the right options as they grow up in the street.