Food for the soul

I started reading books again! I had a very busy and productive 2015. I read books…from school…because I have to.

But this year, I’m reading for me (while still reading school textbooks).  I used to have a reading challenge with a former manager. We compete on who read the most number of books. I need to call her up to challenge her again.

Below are the list of my books:

1.  Murder of a Bookstore Babe

This is a fiction about a girl who solves crime. It is a series.  A Nancy Drew of some sort. Fun way to past time. Read it within 24 hours from purchase in Books for Less in SM Taytay in the summer of 2016.

2. 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire

This is one of the many books of Bo Sanchez.  I recently attended this Money Life seminar in which they thought the biblical way of handling your finances. Inspired by that, I took a look at this book.  Bo is advocating the same thing. And it doesn’t sound preach-y. I am surprised to find that is is sound, practical and spiritually enriching.  The 8 habits he shared are:

Define your wealth – basically, your objective

Find your emotional why – your motivation

Create your own wealth beliefs

Be consistently aggressive

Create your own money machines – this is my favorite, the most enlightening part

Control your cash

Stick to your game

Share your wealth

His writing is so simple, easy to digest. And it was just in my sister’s bookshelf all this time! Things that we need most are sometimes just right under our noses.

3.  May pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas

Vic and Avelynn Garcia are speakers to the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) induction ceremony I attended on May 25, 2016.  They talked about how Philippines can be great again.

Two months later, I attended their seminar on work-life balance. And they reiterated their belief that Philippines can be great again.

They enumerated ways on how to do it in this book. Again, very practical suggestions on how to manage our resources.

The ideas that I like most from this are:

Battles are won in your head. If you don’t believe, you won’t achieve. This is also similar to what Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.

Don’t leave the Philippines to work abroad. For as long as Chinoys are here, they see potential. There is a social cost when parent/s leave/s their family.

They want financial literacy to be part of the educational curriculum.  I sincerely concur.

The authors want State U graduates to work first in the government, for five years. This instills the value of giving back. It also discourages the moneyed families who want their kids to work for their corporation from sending their kids in State U’s. This will open up the slots to the really underprivileged kids. Nice right?


4.  How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too!

I am gravitating towards this selling books because I need a guide as  I am transitioning from Marketing to Selling.  This two always go hand in hand.  Ever since I got my real estate broker license last year, I have been questioning my “money machine.”  Why did I stuck with being an employee?  So I am making decisive steps into financial freedom.

This Chinkee Tan book is a lot to read.  You need to pause and digest.  I have been reading this since August (it is November 25 now).  And frankly, I am not even done yet digesting and answering the worksheets.

My favorite part about this is the idea of leveraging your income. On your own, you can earn money.  But with a team, together everyone achieves more (T E A M).