Week 4 – Fire in the belly

Each of us draws motivation from different sources.

I draw mine from the need to be better than I was yesterday.  I am a full-time employee but I want to earn more. Because I want to earn more and buy more stuff.  That’s the shallow reason for it.  The more profound reason is that I want to explore other skills while at the same time, expand my bank account.

I recently got into selling make ups from one of the direct selling brands.  I got into it because someone close to me (let’s call her Make Up Influencer) made me try on the products and seeing the amazing results on my skin, made me a patron.

People started noticing my skin improvement and asked me if they can also try on my make up brand. After a year or so, I would be the one pushing my Make Up Influencer to sell this product or order that product. Then I noticed recently that she was not doing the pushing on her own.

I know that selling is a whole lot of challenge but it is not insurmountable.  Otherwise, no one would ever sell make up or real estate or pre-need plans. I am just sad to see her giving up without even trying.  I am sad to see the fire in the belly disappear. I wish I can figure out a way to help her get back to the groove.

I am a full-time employee and I recently found myself, selling make ups–going through catalogs and offering what might be good product for a colleague, riding a congested train just to purchase the make up.  I would sometimes ask myself, “Why the hell am I doing this when I am earning more than enough for a single woman such as myself?”

Fire in the belly.  I hope I never lose this.  And if I ever do, I wish someone will help me figure out a way to get back to the groove.


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