Week 3: Green Sun

I stayed at The Hotel at Green Sun on December 16, 2016.

It was a basic, practical choice for traveling professionals.  It is in Makati, but outside the central business district.  But there are still corporate offices and car dealerships around.  So that makes your hotel view an endless sea of gray roofs. Ahahaha! It is near the airport too, you know, on sheer distance, not counting the traffic.  This is in the area called Chino Roces Avenue, more popularly known as Pasong Tamo extension.  The intersection of this road and EDSA, which is several kilometers away from the hotel, gets flooded pretty bad. So better to book your stay here on a non-rainy season.

The hotel has warm receptionists, unscented rooms, free/unlimited Wi-Fi (basic necessity), and lots of guests!

The place prided itself as an artsy and minimalist place.  I saw some wall paintings and their signature golden dragon art installation.  I thought there would be an art gallery like when I went there last May 2016 but there was none.

In May, I was in Axon, the event venue, it was awesome.  IS AWESOME.


The view of the building from across the street

The hotel lobby: it has no scent, no-frills


Green Sun is one building but it offers a lot:  hotel rooms, venues, bistro and offices.

This is their iconic pillar. It is enveloped by their golden dragon art installation.  It’s one  of the building’s oldest pillars.  So a dragon is guarding it for good luck and prosperity.  This extends all the way to SOMA Bistro, their restaurant.


The very zen elevator lobby

I tried not using the elevator because I was just in the second floor. I used the stairs, which when I first ask for, the guy in the receptionist did not know where and told me there’s none.  I was like, “No, all buildings must have stairs in case of fire, are you kidding me?”  Then his colleague corrected the guy and pointed me to the access stairs.

Mural paintings greet you at your floor lobby
The room is big enough and furnished with the bare minimums
Work area, I mean, make up area 🙂
Good enough for a short stay
The bathroom would be small for an average person.  You can ask room service for hair blower, in case you were looking for one from this photo.  I am a tiny person so I don’t mind the small legroom allotted for the toilet area.  What bothers me though is that the toilet lid covers the flush buttons when you lift it up.  So, after you do your thing, you need to touch the lid (with a tissue, please) to touch the press flush (with another tissue)
The generic shower head, I don’t mind.  The curtain stinks though.  Ahahaha!  It needed to be aired out o sun-dried or something.


This area is peppered with car dealerships, low rise corporate offices, old warehouses.  This is the view from my window.  Below that is a parking lot.

It says you should insert your room card to get the power on.  Turns out, that was just a mere suggestion.  Things would power up even without inserting the card onto the slot.:)

The night I stayed here, there were four events going on.  I checked out SOMA Bistro to get a quick dinner before I head out to an event located within Makati central business district (CBD).  But SOMA Bistro was not having an acoustic night because right beside it was a corporate Christmas party, with canned music, production numbers by the employees, and the whole shebang.

I left to have dinner somewhere else.

This is me entertaining myself because I just want to chill in the bistro but couldn’t.  TV and Facebook didn’t do the job this time.  I really wished there’s a pool there where you could just look at the sky and think things through, because, you know, 2016, as Kylie Jenner said, is the year of “realizing stuff.”

I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard some people on the hallway. I think they were the drunk Christmas party attendees.  Male. Caucasian. Needed help from his friends to stand up.  I think he tripped.

The morning after that, I had my free breakfast in SOMA Bistro. Finally trying this out.  It failed miserably.  You can read all about it here.

Karl Edwards Bazaar was in Green Sun at that time, it added some more foot traffic in the building.

Spending time here alone, for less than 24 hours, really gave me time to realize where I am now (in my life, I mean) and where I want to be, and how to get there.  So as a hotel, this is OKAY but it became my respite especially on a chaotic Christmas season.