Nuestra Señora de la Natividad Parish – Pangil, Laguna

The Nuestra Señora de la Natividad Parish or the Pangil Church is right next to the municipal hall and the town plaza.  It has undergone some renovation already.  It has retained some of its old features but basing on the photos I have seen before going there, the park has been converted into a huge parking lot or town plaza. It has a small stage too so it may be used also as a stage for performance of local activities.

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View of the church from the town plaza
The new facade of the church, the old ones have a lot more color (and flair)
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Some interesting flooring at the town plaza


The church interior
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This new interior is in stark contrast with the old, wooden Paete church’s interior

The interior of the church is white, clean and modern.

We went there with a bus and it was such a bad idea as the road leading to the church is so narrow.  We parked the bus in the nearby health center with a huge parking space.  It is best to take a smaller car or van with you. Tricycles of a different configuration than what I am used to are also available.

Too bad I cropped the tricycle on the left for a better comparison. But you get the picture, right?

After our group reflection, I went around the church to see its features.  I failed to notice the statue of the pregnant Mary near the church entrance. What I saw is the memorial to the unborn by the side of the church.

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Our prayer leader urged us to pray for our mothers and those who stood as our mothers on certain occasions. I also prayed for those moms who have lost their kids.

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