Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church – Pagsanjan, Laguna

April 1, 2017

Pagsanjan is one of the most visited tows in Laguna. It is small, historic and highly texturized: it’s got rich natural resources (Pansanjan falls), beautiful people and historic places.  One of these places is the Pagsanjan Church. Built during the 1600s, Spanish era, this church is very well-maintained.

0 Church of Pagsanjan - Copy
The super white church facade.  I missed taking the photo of the intricate gate ironworks.

The facade is painted white, and with the sea of people doing their visita iglesia as early as April 1, 2017, when we visited, it gave a beautiful contrast.

1 P1180842 - Copy
The church marker

I, however, feel that it is colored too “modern,” too white and it has lost its old church charm but kudos to the maintenance of this church.

1 P1180833 - Copy
Our quick huddle at a small courtyard after we entered the church
0 Pags P1180840 - Copy
inside the church, there were hundreds of people

It seems like the church is at the juncture or “pagsanjan” of modernity and old-world.

1 P1180831 - Copy
The Pagsanjan Church looks like your Lola’s big house, with its garden and azotea.  You are to be careful lest you break some precious statues like this.
0 Pags P1180830 - Copy
The office in front of the church, looking like your lola‘s house where  your favorite food awaits

The church is in the bayan or centro or city center. It is not difficult to find it.  It is near the municipal hall, and a busy intersection.  It is literally in “pagsanjan.” This place is surely an attraction in Laguna.  No wonder its parking area was able to accommodate about 12 buses.

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