Saint James the Apostle Parish Church – Paete, Laguna

April 1, 2017

Nothing like old Baroque-styled Roman Catholic churches to remind you how faith has traveled far and wide. In the municipality of Paete in the province of Laguna, the Paete Church stands proudly in the midst of residences and kiosks of wood-carved products.

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The Saint James the Apostle Parish Church AKA the Paete Church
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Some wood-carved products sold right outside the church
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The residents of Paete is known for their wood craftmanship. It’s no wonder their church is replete with wood-carved products
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Looking like Vigan, right?
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First thing’s first: reflect.
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The exquisite interior of the Paete Church
Towards the altar

This place will carve a space in your mind, heart and soul.

Inside the church, you will find centuries-old wood paintings.  During Lenten season, different families lend their wood-carved statues and the side of the church becomes an exhibit area for these.

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The church marker, where a lot of people got their selfies (not me though)


Buses cannot go near this church, unlike the other ones in Laguna like Pagsanjan Church or Lumban Church.  Best to take just sedans.

You may also take tricycles to get from the highway to the church.  We took our lunch in 3J’s in Recto street, about 10-minute walk from the church.

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