Week 2 – Bulimia…

…is something that I don’t suffer from. In my earlier years and limited knowledge, I have learned that bulimia is an eating disorder in which one takes in too much food then sticks a finger down her throat to induce puking.

I found out that some people at work were doing this. When I learned that throwing up your food makes you thinner, I tried it out myself. Much to my disappointment and luck, this thing is not for me. Not only was I unsuccessful in recalling the food from my digestive tract, I have been convinced that it was such an unhygienic way (major ew!) of losing weight. It makes me squirm just to think of my finger near my throat again.

My dream (Photo courtesy of www.beachtomato.com)
My dream (Photo courtesy of http://www.beachtomato.com)

Thankfully, I have been enjoying the food that I want and keep it in my tummy (and they show their presence on my waist line and thighs). And I would like to keep on enjoying more of it.

I thought bulimia is one “fad” that I would easily jump right into. But then again, I have never been the girl to join the crowd, do what they do, talk the way they talk, be “in.” Sure, with movies, I do. But in interests (books, music, job), I have managed to keep it real to myself. I stick to what makes me happy.

Thankfully, it has been my habit to not shove down my throat the stuff that I don’t want – books, music, job. I know just how much I can take in. I don’t stick with it when I don’t enjoy it. This way, I would not force myself into taking in anything that I know, I will just be throwing up and out.