Week 1- Reigning in the urge

I was amazed by the gall of a middle-aged guy surfing porn on his phone while in a public transportation.   I mean, come on!  (No pun intended)

His bad taste is underscored by the fact that he was using a Samsung phone that was small and outdated. But I will elect not to dwell further on this.

It made me recall this one time I was sitting next to a guy during a flight back to Manila who was turning off his iPhone 4s (the latest model back then) as we were advised that all electronic gadgets should be turned off.

For me, it’s okay for guys to surf porn; I figured they’ve been doing since they hit puberty whether through magazines or web.  This “habit” cuts across all social standings.  And as far as I know, my guy friend can still socially function normally.

But browsing porn unprivately raises warning flags to me.  What was wrong with these people? Do they not have shame anymore? Do they uncontrollable propensities to surf through porn sites at all times?

But then again, what about us who also have trouble reigning in our other physiological needs? Last year, I found myself binging on food. I let my body go. I went from out of shape to obese. I would not want to be judged when people see me devour plates after plates.  

Some people could not kick off their smoking and/or drinking habits.

Hollywood actor David Duchovny is a sex addict. He just cannot help himself that he had to seek rehabilitation for this.

All of us have habits that we find hard to break, I get it.  

How do you make the uncontrollable manageable and socially acceptable? How do we go from disgusting to disciplined?


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