Week 2 – Wi-Fi-less, spiceless?

How long can you go without an internet data plan?

I feel I’m taking part in a social experiment.  In this day and age, everyone I hold near and dear to my heart have instant access to their social networking sites and instant messaging services.

I wonder how my social life (if there’s any) will drastically change.

Since 2011, my gadgets enabled me to go online all the time.  It was a necessity in my previous job.  After almost two years, I’m cutting off my 24/7 internet access.

This says a lot about my current lifestyle.  I no longer feel the need to check on my Inbox for fear of missing important e-mail messages from people from various islands of the Philippines.  Checking in on Foursquare is not that appealing anymore.   I became more critical of the Facebook statuses and tweets that i post.  Especially after I read 7 Ways to be Insufferable on Facebook (this is a good one, a must-read, it would change your social networking sites habit).  It made me realize the truth behind this:

TMI (too much information) sometimes
TMI (too much information) sometimes (illustration courtersy of http://www.huffingtonpost.com)

I still treasure my social network sites. I still check my e-mails a lot.  But this time, it should not cost me.  I only check them when I’m connected on a free Wi-Fi service, like when I’m home, in major malls and in the office.

I’m trying to implement changes in my life and in my finances.  So hopefully, I could save a little for myself and in my wallet .  Wish me luck!


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