Week 4 – Feeding my nails’ ego

Less than a month before the actual event, our Assistant Vice Prez told me that I should be hands-on with the upcoming event.  With my hands pretty tied, I obliged. I was overworked but the event went pretty well so I thought I treat myeself to some nail pampering.  Doing (and re-doing and re-doing) budgets, lifting chairs to their perfect spots and handshaking took toll on my pretty hands.

The following day, I had a one track mind.  I was hell-bent on getting a glorious manicure and pedicure at my favorite nail salon.  I have wanted to try dark nail polish and finally had it!  I felt invincible and bad ass.  It was amazing how nail polish can boost my mood and ego.

A few days later, the polish chipped off.  I felt my powers and good vibes were waning.  With renewed nail care passion, I discovered my candidate for the next favorite nail salon:  My Pretty Nails.  They offer gel polish or gelish that is said to last for at least two weeks. The manicure costs P 200.  I just needed to give it a try! I just had to!

Sticking to my invincible-and-bad-ass mood, I opted for their deep plum polish.  Over an hour of buffing, cleaning, polishing and curing under  the UV Lamp later, my nails looked really glossy and fab!  And I was instantly ready for bag-digging and other tasks because my  the nails were all dried out already.  I definitely gave my nails total TLC!

This is Day 2
This is Day 2
This is Day 4
This is Day 4

A little more than a week later, there were noticeable peel-offs already on the sides of my nails (right-hand, my dominant hand).  I was a little disappointed because the attendant told me it would last for two weeks.  But then again, I did some major activities during the holidays like washing off some clothes, giving my room major clean-up, playing with kids, that I thought given those, the manicure held its ground pretty well. Plus, there are really some nail beds that are oily, which I believe mine is, that affects how the gelish adhere.

I went back to the nail salon to take them off and to I get a fresh one.  The removing part took a good one hour.  The nails were soaked to the solution and wrapped with foils.  After a few minutes, the attendants started scrapping off the layers of polish.  Removing the polish costs P 150.  Gelish is definitely more costly than the regular ones.  But with this salon, the price is relatively cheaper.

But if you really want a cheap way to remove gelish, check out Lauren Conrad’s advice from her website.

I decided to do a 360-degree turn and had French tip.  This was only 100 bucks.  (Also, I went back to work and thought that deep plum might be deemed too goth.)

I can't stop admiring my clean nails with French tip.
I can’t stop admiring my clean nails with French tip.

One caveat:  you cannot have gelish for three consecutive times.  All the scraping and buffing and UV-lighting would be take its toll on your nails.

I think this past two weeks renewed my obsession with nail care.  I’d like to try this on 2014:

Ombre glitter
Ombre glitter (photo courtersy of  thezoereport.com)

And a nail hack I recently discovered:

Putting on a layer of glue before the glitter polish will make the glitter polish easier to remove by just peeling off the glue layer (photo courtes
Putting on a layer of glue before the glitter polish will make the glitter polish easier to remove by just peeling off the glue layer (photo courtesy of  buzzfeed.com)

If after all the “manual” labor, I’d get a free manicure (and pedicure), I’d slave away for 2014!