Week 1 – No coffee?!

The highlights of your life flashing before your eyes.

The silent mumble of hope.

Grasping for the last chance…for a cup of steamy full-bodied black coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So that’s how it feels like to be prohibited from drinking my favorite poison/potion by a doctor.

I recently went to the doctor to have my phelgm problem checked.  For the past week, I noticed that my throat’s been a permanent pit stop of phlegm. Gross, right?  So I went to see a doctor care of our HMO.

The doctor advised me that my respiratory tract are all cleared.

It was my digestive tract that was causing the thing on my throat. He said that my 2-3 cups of coffee plus stress were the prime suspects.  I told him I drink coffee in the morning. But what I didn’t/forgot to tell him was that I also take my ascorbic acid with my coffee…without any food. So basically I break my fast in the morning with acid…for a year now.
(I am now officially swearing off Vitamin C now because it makes me contract common cold and now, gastroenteritis.)

What I did tell him was the exact moment I felt this itchy, pleghmy throat and that was during an afternoon meeting. He guessed that stressful lifestyle/habits (e.g. For me, attending meetings) caused some acid from my gastrointestinal tract to travel up to my throat.

Though I don’t feel particularly burpy or acid-y, he did gave me Omepron, the remedy for, according to my friend (which I trust more than the doctor – no offense) for gastroentiritis.


I don’t mind taking some meds.  What I do mind was the total shut out from coffee.  The minute I stepped out of the clinic, I quickly called my sister who is a nurse and told her about the coffee abstinence order.  She told me that there’s a work-around with that. Kopiko has a low acid coffee variant.  I could try that.


No coffee? Ha!