Week 4 – Arbitrary Rules

Bad day. Imagine that from Sunday to Friday. That’s how my week went.  I’d been subjected to so many rules of so many people, my head was spinning almost the entire week!

Sunday.  With work piled up because of my trips last week, I had to squeeze in a lot of extra work on a rest day.  To add to that, I had to go to a dress fitting.  My eldest sister is getting married on December and I had promised her that I would finally go for the initial fitting on this day.  They were to pick me up from my place.  But not haven’t been here, she completely drove past this place.  We had a tiny fight over this, inside the car. It was hell confined in a vehicle.  When we got to the dresser’s shop they were already other clients who got in first.  But when it was my turn, I quickly chose a dress, fitted and dashed off, leaving my sisters and 3 other company we had.  It was a mad dash to get the hell out of there.

Monday.  On a very bright, clear Monday morning, I got an SMS rebuking me of the job I did over the weekend. I firmly believe this set the mood for my entire week.   I don’t think I did something really wrong, just not consistent with what they usually have.  I felt so bad I had to call a friend whom I haven’t seen for so long and had him help me with my, umm, fumble with this people.  We got things all straightened out before 11 PM but still…

Further, I was really worried about our PR head.  Our last text was Wednesday of last week.  And our text conversation took a sour turn when I informed her that we were somehow, kind of, umm, overruling her decision on hiring some new kids into our department (this is kinda complicated and I might need to tell you about this some other time).  I really didn’t realize her absence until I got back to office on Monday.  I felt awful.

Tuesday.  We were getting irate e-mail from one general manager because we couldn’t follow a “simple” instruction on how he wants his billboard to appear.  We were adamant on following because we knew that the layout’s a sh!t – it’s got no sense and the photo is SO obviously composed. Talk about truth in advertising.  This is the toughest part of my job: convincing people that they’re marketing material is SO not believable.

Wednesday.   I had to have this press release approved within the day. Really bad.  I was calling our PR writer and she rejected it.  Then later, PR writer sent us an apology e-mail telling she can’t really accommodate us that much because her uncle just died. Really bad timing. As much as I would like to push her to finish revising my article, I had to send out my condolences and restrain myself from rattling off another set of instructions to her. To make matters worse, she was working on other articles for my brand that were more urgent than mine.   I couldn’t do anything and being helpless made me restless.

I also got a call from a regional head regarding another billboard.  In an arctic tone, she went, “Chuck, I will not approve of that billboard until you put all those text back.”  I told her those blah blah text will not be useful in a billboard, target of whom are drivers and pedestrians — they’re moving! They won’t read what’s on the billboard! They’re just gonna look up quickly, lest they get their selves or others killed.  But what do I know, right?  I said OK to her.  I had our agency put back all the shebang.

It was my eldest sister’s birthday.  And she had to remind me of it.

Overall, this day was awesome.

Thursday.  I was gonna go home at 7 PM. I was already out of the building when my phone rang. Our PR head (she finally got back!) was looking for my PR.  I told her that I don’t have the final Go yet from the regional head.  She told me we’ve got free space in two national newspapers and it’d be too bad if we let these spaces go.  So I went back on my desk, edited the heck out of our PR and sent the article plus photo (and their photo captions) to her in less than 30 minutes.  The multi-tasker that I was trained to be, as I was editing the article, I was already advising the general manager concerned that the article would be released without their final OK — I promised though that it would only come out in one newspaper instead of two, and that it would sound safe and would not over-promise.  He conceded.  But then again, he’s got a bigger boss, our regional head (the one who gave me an icy call last Tuesday) whom I also informed via SMS of what we decided to do with the article.  I just texted her because I know that she’s with our Big Boss, all day.  Then, I really, finally went home.

Lo and behold, before 10 PM, I got a text from the regional head admonishing me for releasing an article that has not been approved. I DID NOT WANT TO RELEASE AN ARTICLE, IN FACT I WAS ON MY WAY HOME WHEN I GOT AN INSTRUCTION TO DO OTHERWISE! But of course, I didn’t tell her that. Instead, I sent an apology SMS.

To top things off my room’s light is kaput and I had wax my legs off using a lamp. Dammit!

Friday.  You remember that billboard with all the text put in?  Well, we took out all those text (again) and that was the approved.  That was my suggestion but it was ignored. But when that same idea came out from someone else’s, it was approved. So what’s the rule here again?

Saturday.  Bullsh*t just spread out my entire week really.  We go to work on a Saturday (that bad).  But the Saturday was a breather, with no deadlines and rules to think about.

What’s for next week?  Let’s just keep rolling!


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