Week 2 – Driving me nuts

I want to buy a car.

I’m 29. I’ve had driving lessons and dammit I don’t wanna go commuting anymore.

So this week I went around looking for a nice sedan that falls neatly within my budget.

Gosh, it ain’t easy – the finance aspect and the technical one. So many to consider!

It’s driving me crazy. It’s so hard to decide. I even got a BlackBerry so I can easily BBM the car photos to my Papa in Spain.

Argh, it’s driving me nuts. How can things like car, or getting married or getting a promotion seem to come easy on people my age? But I know I can’t complain about how life turns around for me and for other people; I know each one is driving through their lives at their own pace.

But I still can’t help feeling nuts about driving and life.


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