Week 1 – Xperia Experience

Nov. 2, 2012

I have never lusted on a phone for a long time.

Sony Acro S bewitched me into buying it.  Since last week of October, I’ve been canvassing and weighing my options.  When I finally had the money to fire away, I bought the phone — cash mind you!

Oooh, I’m so happy!

I remember around this time last year also that I bought my iPad.

This is not consumerism.  I simply need certain gadgets at a particular time of the year.  Last year, my iPad came in very handy as I had trips in various provinces and I needed to stay connected.

This year, my Acro S is my secondary phone that also doubles as my handy camera and walkman!

I’m no gadget addict but there are really some nifty tools this modern world affords you to keep life convenient.  As long as it makes life better and doesn’t put you in debt, go right ahead!



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