Week 2 and 3 – A Burst of New Flavors

(Dec. 9-15 and 16-22)

There were new addition to our lives in these past two weeks.

First, my parents got back from Spain on the 12th. I was aching to have a spoonful of old, familiar and oh-so-loved cooking of my Mama!

On the 14th, my eldest sister finally got hitched! Months of preparation had finally materialized to reality. We got a taste of Ilocano tradition from the groom’s family. My new brother-in-law, on the past couple of months had introduced us to a variety of food from their hometown. I guess the merging of two families has also brought with it the introduction of another culinary feat.

On the 17th, I bought these chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from the airport and gosh, it’s the most sinfully good things that you could ingest! It’s a bit costly but me and the people I shared it with positively LOVED it. So much so, I wasn’t able to bring some anymore the way I intended to.

This is what life is all about: new flavors, new delights!


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