Week 3 – Staycation

(August 19-25, 2012)

It’s one of those long weekends!

August 20 (Monday) was the Feast of Ramadan, an Islam celebration.

August 21 (Tuesday) was a special non-working holiday to commemorate the death of Ninoy Aquino, one of our National Heroes.

So what’s a girl like me to do?   Well, I first thought of going to Tagaytay with some of m friends. But one girl bailed out. Then, I bailed out too.  Of course, we got someone pissed.  But oh well.

Stay-cation it is!  I have no problem staying at home. Heck, I’m hardly home so this is welcome change for me.

I got all the sleep I wanted.

I ate every inane chips within my grasp.

I went out and had my nails and hair done — it’s something I’d been dying to do.

I didn’t read a book but I read some articles about blogging.

I started adding one food blog after another… after another.

Then sleep some more.

I bought some dresses that I could sell online.   With my head emptied out, I was thinking of some fun things to do.  I love wearing short dresses and I’d like more girls to do so!

I took out my Lumix camera and practiced with it.

I uploaded photographs of the dresses.

I BBM’ed my father in Spain and kept him posted on our December family reunion.

I played with my nephews.

I found some clothes to give away.

I tried on some new Mary Kay make ups.

Who’s to stay vacation at home is not fun?


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