Week 2 – It’s about time

(Aug. 12-18, 2012)

When every day road traffic leads you straight down to the dark path of road rage, it’s time to make necessary steps.  It’s not worth it, working yourself out with stress that you can avoid in the first place.  Leave traffic.  Travel less.  Move close to your destination.  Move your ass.   Make some changes.  Make things happen.  It’s about time.

When you’ve been with your partner for more than 7 years and you’re still in the same plane in your relationship, wake up and make things happen.  You better start moving forward or forever hold your peace.  Make a decision.  It’s about time.

When you’ve been dreaming of pursuing a hobby for the longest time but seems not to be able to find the time, the means, the guts, the what-have-you’s, cut the crap and just start with it already.  If it’s been in occupying your dreams — day and night — then it’s something you really want.  Leave the doubts.  Just begin.  It’s about time.


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