Making businesses roar with marketing by Karmina De Ungria

I am loving my job right now.  I guess after years of searching for the right fit, I have finally found it and now, I’d like to make business roar because of our marketing.  This is an article from Manila Bulletin that I’m sharing with you, guys!

Making businesses roar with marketing

By Karmina De Ungria
Published: July 1, 2013

Willy Arcilla of Refreshment Republic Inc. (standing) talks about the importance of marketing. Behind him are (seated, from left): PMA Executive Vice President Yayu Javier, PMA President Vince Reyes and PMA former President Von de Torres.

The recent National Marketing Conference tackles how today’s marketers can keep pace with the country’s economic upsurge

From June 27 to 28, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) held its annual National Marketing Conference at Marriott Hotel in Resorts World Manila. The theme, dubbed “Roar of the Tiger: Will your brand roar in the rising Asian economy?,” tackles how top marketers of today can keep pace with the status of the country’s being “the next Asian economic tiger.” This year’s conference saw the gathering of the country’s top marketing strategists, local and foreign, to share their viewpoints.

As PMA President Vince Reyes says, “This year’s conference reflects both the economy’s magnificent upsurge, as well as the association’s vital role of harnessing and driving the marketing forces to sustain such positive performance.” In addition, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services second credit rating upgrade of the Philippines in just over a month, and Fitch Group’s “investment grade” label, has boosted optimism and improved the country’s standing in the eyes of foreign investors.

The Business Of Any Business

The huge tide of optimism in the country has contributed to raising business optimism, consumer confidence, and foreign investor belief in the Philippines. “There’s a huge tide of optimism that we can capitalize on,” says top marketer Willy Arcilla, “and who is supposed to lead the charge?”

The conference calls on marketing strategists to demonstrate and exercise the best qualities in marketing and leadership, which Arcilla points out, are the two words that encapsulate the role of marketers in any organization. “Marketing is what anyone must do,” he asserts, “it doesn’t matter if you’re the head of the state or the head of a church, school or hospital, conglomerate, multinational—you have to do marketing.”

To explain the importance of marketing, Arcilla shares an insight from international management guru Peter Drucker: “The purpose of a business is not to make a profit; it is to create a customer.” Arcilla continues, asking, “Who creates the customers?” It’s the marketing person, he says, “Companies that have failed, failed in marketing. Companies that have succeeded, succeeded in their marketing.”

Mind Your Ps

Product, price, promotion and place. “The really good marketing people will assemble the 4Ps and turn it into a marketing bundle. A winning marketing bundle,” Arcilla shares.

It is a given that there should be a great product to market with a reasonable price. But what about promotions? Arcilla points out: “The best marketing people need the least amount of money. Yung mga hindi masyado magaling, basta bigyan mo ng pera (The not so good ones, you give them money), and they will spend on TV, radio…but the really good marketing people maximizes the bang for the buck.” Marketing is not all about spending, but a great creative execution.

Lastly, Arcilla points out the importance of place. In any business, whether it is a gas station or a bank, it is all about branching out. Every business needs distribution logistics to tap the consumer. “A chief marketing strategist cannot be just an expert in doing nice ads with nice-looking talents; that’s just advertising. That’s only one aspect; [marketing covers] the whole gamut,” he says. However, Arcilla points out that the most important P is Positioning. “The mental picture that a company wants to create in the mind of the consumer,” he explains. It has to be important to the market, specific and unique. If you don’t have positioning, you don’t have a business.

Everything Begins And Ends With The Consumer

There are companies that tend to forget to listen to their consumer. Marketing is, at its core, convincing consumers to purchase a product. Arcilla stresses the importance of listening to the consumer: “Those who have an in-depth understanding of consumers superior to the competition are those who win. Everything that we do begins and ends with consumers.”

If a company cannot feel the unmet need or want of its customers, then it cannot effectively answer the question of why a customer should purchase a product. Arcilla also warns of the dangers of marketing based on what the boss wants. “I have seen so many companies fail because the boss thinks he is smarter than the consumer. No one knows the consumer better than the consumer,” he says.

Happy Employees Lead To Happy Customers

To have a successful business, it is a given to keep consumers loyal to one’s product. But how does customer loyalty happen? The key, Arcilla says, is to keep employee loyalty. “Why? Happy employees will lead to happy customers. If they are happy with product, of course they will stay with you. Companies that have very high employee turnover are bound to fail because they will never keep their customers loyal. Happy employees are the secret to happy customers,” he says.

At the end of the day, Arcilla asserts that marketing is all about people, which is the combination of customers and employees. “Everything may begin and end with a business’ customers, but a company cannot get customers without its employees,” he ends.


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