Don’t be left behind: hot tickets for Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa

Maginhawa stick

Can’t wait to taste some of the most promising and upcoming food businesses in the Metro?

Reserve your tickets now for the food-tasting segment of Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa on October 17, 2015 and get a chance to be a food critic for a day! Each ticket entitles you the chance to taste food entries of a given set (there will be 2 sets of around 20-25 food businesses).

The specific set your ticket would entitle you would be determined in a first-come first served basis. Nevertheless, all ticket holders would be ensured that they would have a set, only in determining if it would be set A or B would first-come first serve basis apply.

The respective dishes and food establishments per set would be released online before the actual event.

The mechanics for reserving are all in the form.


LIMITED TICKETS would be released so make sure to get yours now by clicking on the link below!

For questions please message us in our page or contact 09273138714.


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