Mommy’s Malabon Pride – Malabon Food Tour

The only thing I knew about Malabon was that it is almost always flooded.  Even without the heavy downpour.  When it’s high tide, there are areas there that submerge in water. But now, Malabon is getting on into becoming another food haven.  It was a glorious holiday (read: no work) that I and my tummy buddy finally got to try the food choices that this city has to offer. Our first stop was Mommy’s Malabon Pride located along the main road. We had to stop because we were already famished.

Food selection at Mommy's
Colorful food selection at Mommy’s

My tummy buddy and I were excited as we entered the place.  But the attendants were anti-climactic.  They were aloof and I wasn’t sure if they heard me the first time I told them what our orders were.  I ordered pancit and gulaman. There were no fireworks or anything but at least it was satisfying.  It tasted like a true-blue Filipino food on a clear summer day.

A P1140521
My freshly-prepared pancit and gulaman. And while waiting for these, I was already munching the yema roll (this is my favorite from the entire trip)
Pancit Palabok, my favorite type of pancit
Pancit Malabon
Pancit Malabon
Pancit Palabok, my favorite kind of pancit
A P1140524
Mommy’s Malabon Pride can be easily spotted because it’s just on the main highway, Gov. Pascual Avenue, Concepcion
This is my favorite from this food tour:  yema roll: Soft, cute and, calorie-filled
As this is the damn best thing, you should get this from Mommy’s Malabon Pride: yema roll:  soft, cute and calorie-filled

So where were those damn tricycles? After having our fix of pancit, we headed out to look for the tricycle tour.  We asked people around and NONE OF THEM HAD AN IDEA of what tricycle food tour we were talking about.  I was so surprised because their tricycle food tour was even featured in several TV shows. Fueled by pancit, we headed on to go to their city center — where the church, public market are — to go find the tricycles. From the side of the Concepcion Church, we saw a tricycle with this tarpaulin:

I saw the sign
I saw the sign
Tricycle stop
Tricycle stop

We asked them if they could take us to the food stops like Dolor’s and Cocina Luna. Apparently, we had to get in touch with the Malabon City Hall to arrange for a tour.  A tour could be the cultural one  (heritage houses – COOL) or the food (I LOVE). We didn’t know.  We looked it up before going here but we couldn’t find anything.  But lucky for you, I found their Facebook site already.  Click here to book your tour. The manong drivers were cool.  They told us that the tour started at 9 AM.  Another representative of the City Hall came along and gave us some brochures about Malabon and the tours they offer.

The friendly Manong Driver
One of the friendly Manong Drivers

We decided to head on to our own tour.  We figured we could navigate Malabon.  Well, my tummy buddy, she’s good. I was just tagging along with her.  So from Mommy’s Malabon Pride, we also went to:

1.  Betsy’s Cake Center

2.  M. Flores

3.  Jamico’s Restaurant (Judy Ann Crispy Pata) 

4.  Dolor’s Kakanin

Just click on the links to go see other mouthwatering phlogs (photo blogs).

Date Visited:  April 9, 2015

Contact:  Facebook

Address:  Gov. Pascual Avenue, Concepcion, Malabon City, Philippines


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