Saving Grace Behrouz Persian Cuisine – Metrowalk, Pasig

Behrouz Persian Cuisine is a cozy place in Metrowalk in Pasig.  It is one of the restaurants in Metrowalk–a place to spend awesome weekend nights–that is conveniently open in the mornings.

My companions and I were in the mood for some semi-heavy mid-morning snacking.  We thought pita would do fine.  As expected, I found the food in the menu hard to pronounce.   I thought of the movie Zohan while browsing through the menu.  But we finally settled for the tried and tested Persian go-to choice: the Shawarma.

The place looks a little…dull and dubious.  Specially in the morning.  I supposed night owls don’t mind this as much.  Or maybe the place becomes magical at night.  It’s got the regular tables and chairs but also has the traditional Persian booth with shisha to boot.  Shisha is a flavored tobacco of Middle Eastern origin and is smoked through hookah, the smoking bong, Persian style.  I wonder what the experience is like.

Flavored smokes
Flavored smokes
Shisha pipe as table centerpiece?
Shisha pipe as table centerpiece?

While waiting for our food to be served , I looked up Behrouz Persian Cuisine online and there are mixed reviews (as expected) about their food.  It made me anxious.  I looked at our food without big hopes.  The Shawarma  (P 100 for Large and P 45 for Small) looked ordinary but the beef was so awesomely juicy, beyond the usual.  
Their garlic sauce has a tinge of something different on it.  It was sensational!  We devoured it and I forgot to take photos. 

I also tried out the Mutable (P 80) with pita bread of about 10 inches in diameter(P 10).  Mutable is essentially an eggplant mush.  It’s got salt, a bit of yogurt and some olive oil. It was also good.

When I checked in to Foursquare, the tips I saw were to try out the ox brain, beef kebab with pita bread and yogurt shake.  Maybe I’d follow their advice the next time I go back. 

During the hour of our visits, there were Filipino couples and Middle Eastern family dining there (one of them looked like a teenage Kim Kardashian).

Restaurant facade
Restaurant facade

The place could be more “behrouz” (successful or prosperous in Persian) if some tidying up and some repaint could be done.  It could be more inviting.  I wonder if their other branch in Timog, Quezon City is in the same condition?  I was recently in another new Persian restaurant and their interior designing (and food) was so tastefully done (read my Habib phlog).  But the saving grace of Behrouz are the attendants who were polite and honest.  They returned my two-month old smartphone that I left it there.  Behrouz is lucky to have these guys.

Location:  Ground floor Metrowalk, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines 

Contact:  (02) 687.2759, Facebook

Date Visited:  January 11, 2014


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