Oh My Gulay Artists Cafe – Baguio

We hit Oh My Gulay Artists Cafe as soon as we got off our bus from Sagada. We dropped by Baguio to catch our bus ride to Manila. It was past lunch time already, I was sooo starving that I did not even noticed we climbed up to the fifth floor/pent house already of La Azotea building. Oh My Gulay is a pretty populay dining destination.

Undoubtedly Filipino

We chose a spot by the balcony so we can ooooh and ahhhhh on the view and the cold weather.

By the balcony or azotea of La Azotea’s topmost floor
Dine in
More tables up there
Talong (eggplant) parmigiana
OMG clubhouse sandwich
Pestong kamatis (tomato)
KKK Sliders (veggie burger with breaded squash flower with tempura sauce)

The rest of their menu can be found here.

I have heared and read a lot of raves about this place and their food. And I definitely agree! I could so eat only vegetables every meal but they’re so light in the tummy.

While we were here, after finishing off my clubhouse sandwich, I had an additional order of pasta. I shared it with my sister who was also left unsafisfied after her eggplant parmigiana. So for someone like mw who’s got a huge appetite, their serving here would live you wanting (a lot) more.

I have also heard and read negative reviews on the service on this cafe.

It was indeed quite slow. I thought they were harvesting our veggies off a far, far away farm from the lowlands. Good thing the paintings, the sculptures and the view from the balcony were enough to keep us entertained and took our minds off our growling tummies. And while waiting for our food, I ordered a glass of warm water. The waiter served me with feshly boiled water. I returned it and they replaced it with room temp water. I sent it back again.

And for fear of getting DNA sample off the waiter, I just ordered a bottled water.:-)

When our food came, we just ravaged through them.

Location: topmost floor of La Azotea building along Session Road in Baguio City

Contact: (074) 446.0108 and Facebook account

Date visited: March 30, 2013


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