Ramon Homestay – Batad, Banaue, Ifugao

Batad was a whole new experience for me. I decided I would take on something new and more value to myself.

Batad is a barangay in Banaue in the Ifugao province. It required us to travel down a bumpy road for over an hour, then walk further down for another hour.

Mang Ramon’s al fresco dining area is undoubtedly Ifugao. But there’s this interesting table made of used bottles

As this was the start of our day, we were dying for some real food! Good thing Ramon Homestay does not only boast of fantastic view, but also of freshly prepared food.

Brown rice in the middle with the variety of viands freshly cooked; prices range from P 140 to P 160

After a quick meal (it was quick because we ate like we haven’t eaten in days), we got some coffee. Their fresh mountain coffee are soooooo good, it’s aroma was rejuvenating.

Mountain coffee for the weary travelers
Both Filipinos and foreigners frequent Batad and ogle at one of the many rice terraces in this region

After a hearty meal and appreciation of the view, we retreated to our abode.

This Ifugao hut sheltered me and my five friends for the night; costing us only P 1, 500

For dinner, we had almost same meals. But this time, instead of coffee after meal, Mang Ramon, our gracious host and business owner, started a bonfire. We then began with a sort of open discussion about Ifugao legends and traditional way of life.

Story-telling time

Waking up in the awe-inspiring view of rice terraces is the best way to start your day.

Look at those fat pancakes, they were tasty! Look at that view, it’s so amazing!

Location: Batad, Banaue, Ifugao

Contact: Mang Ramon – 0929.612.4423

Date visited: March 27-28, 2013


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