Yoghurt House – Sagada, Mountain Province

Yoghurt House is one of the go-to eating places in Sagada.i

Sagada is a popular place amongst adventure-seekers. It is famous for its caves, falls, trek lines and hanging coffins.

As Sagada steadily gain more fame, so are the local food joints, one of which is Yoghurt House.

We got here for dinner. My friends tried out the pastas and yoghurt ice cream while I dug my fork on the yoghurt cake.

Their pasta serving is enough to fill one
Their version of spaghetti is pretty standard
Their famous yoghurt ice cream; this one is bluberry flavored with banana slices and granola toppings
This was my yoghurt cake... or bread

We were excited to dine here but that completely wane with overly delayed servings and rude food attendant who told me that the place is not a fastfood resto and my cake is really on the way.

I could not believe that that cake would take that much time to be taken out of its hiding, drop some yoghurt on and be sent to a nearby dining table. I told off the waitress.

And not that I lost appetite which never happens, but I could not take another bite of that piece of bread with a dallop of their home-made yoghurt anymore.

There lies a big chunk of my cake

My friends have been in this place for a number of times already. They said it used to have a more relaxed vibe with people singing and jamming. The food was more mouthwatering and cheaper back in the earlier days.

I wish I have been here earlier.

This is the second floor; don't have photo of the ground floor becauase it was a bit packed when we visited
Spot this resto along the main and busy road

Location: Sagada, Mt. Province

Contact: website and Facebook

Date visited: March 27, 2013


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