Shamrock Cafe – Sagada, Mountain Province

After planning your trip in the Sagada Tourism Office/municipal hall, walk a few meters down and you’ll find a flight of stairs that will seemimgly just lead you to a row of houses.

Good thing our companions who frequent Sagada know better. We followed them downstairs and found Shamrock Cafe!

This is the best place to grab your breakfast, especially if you’re planning a jam-packed day.





Their coffee here is pretty ordinary so that’s the only downside for me. They don’t have a great
view you can stare at. But the food ranges from Filipino
to European cuisines and costs P 95-P130 only!

Be sure to get the right Shamrock
Cafe. There’s another Shamrock-named resto where you have to walk up the driveway and serves ordinary-tasting Filipino food. So not worthy of a long land trip.

Shamrock Cafe is pretty popular in Sagada, do not be shy to ask around. They say it’s one of the pioneer cafe in Sagada; it has been around since the 50s. They also say that on some nights, there are musicians there strumming the night away; I missed that though. I would try to catch that the next time I come back here.

Location: somewhere below the Tourism Office, Sagada, Mountain Province

Date visited: March 29, 2013


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