Gaia Cafe and Crafts – Sagada, Mountain Province

A breathtaking view of rice terraces

Cool wind kissing your skin

Genial and efficient food attendants

A sturdy nipa hut that seems to be balancing on a cliff

Healthy food choices for the picking

We just emerged from the Sumaguing Cave, a two-hour adventure below the earth, with freezing cold water and interesting rock formations. I was exhausted and famished! Gaia is the nearest restaurant from there and oh, it was so refreshing to be there!

This is my favorite gastronomical find in Sagada! All the flavors and spices are popping out and the place is so wonderful! I would go down the caves again as long as we would go here right after!

It’s one of the newer places in Sagada and is perfectly located about 20-minute walk awat from Sumaguing Cave
Great view, great food, plus great adventure on the side
Rice terraces are normal scenery in Sagada but it is still breathtaking


Tomato Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper
Enjoy the food and the view
Pesto Pasta


Al fresco dining all the way
Perfect place to hang around
Menu! I actually took a photo and uploaded on Facebook so my friends would hurry to go meet us there

While waiting for your food (which is really not that long), you can read up some books, magazines or that feature write up about them.


Location: Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

Date visited: March 29, 2013


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