Cake Basket – Taytay, Rizal


There’s really something with home-made cakes and pastries.

Maybe it’s the personal touch, the attentiveness to details, that makes home-made goodies superior over the commercial ones.

Here in my home town Taytay, Rizal, there’s a two-year old cake shop called the Cake Basket.

We recently celebrated my nephew’s third birthday. As we are oh-so-familiar with cakes from commercial bakeshops Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, one of my sisters suggested that we get our birthday boy a cake from Cake Basket.

The shop is near the boundary of Taytay and Cainta. It is small, simple and unassuming.


There’s one refrigerator that holds the different cakes they have. The most popular one is the chocolate caramel cake so I decided to get that. The runner up cake for me is the one with almonds.

The cake is only about 10 inches in diameter and costs P 450. It’s small for a party but we just want to try it out.

The chocolate is heavenly as it has hint of dark choco in it. The caramel is also great.

They also have cupcakes and specialty cakes.

I’m glad an alternative cake store with delicious products is now available in our home town. I might have two of those cakes on my own birthday! Will you help me pick from these:






Cake Basket has got its product line all figured out. Now, all they need to work on is some marketing. Nothing big. They can just start with the packaging: they can just put some sticker of the logo and contact information on the plain white cake box; or the ribbon they use could have a card; or the plastic we put our stuff in could have the logo. Hope they get more much-deserved attention soon.

Location: 57 Rizal Avenue, Barangay San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal

Contact: (02) 348.8254, 0922.837.8254 and 0917.509.9392

Date Visited: March 16, 2013


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