Angry Puffs – SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

My sister and I went on a movie date recently.

In our quest to find the perfect munch to bring with us, we stumble upon this kiosk named Angry Puffs. It was really easy to spot it.

Angry Puffs is a stall that offers puffs in various flavors! It is so cool! My favorite is chocolate favor. My sister’s chicharon (pork cracking–favorite Filipino snack). And it’s possible to find the flavor of your choice. You fancy cheese, sour and cream, cotton candy, barbeque among others.

Good thing they provide you testers. So there’s just rows of cups there filled with puffs of different flavors!

According to the sales guys there, the puffs are air-baked so there’s less to no oil.

And even if you leave the puffs for hours, it will still remain crunchy. I have not tried leaving it out though because once you stop popping them in your mouth, you just can’t stop!




Location: 3rd Floor Bldg. A (in front of cinema area), SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila


Date visited: February 2013


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