Charlie’s Grind and Grills – Kapitolyo, Pasig City

I had this one coming.

I missed a get-together with former colleagues because I got stuck in a meeting that gave us dinner at 10:30 PM.  My former colleagues-turned-friends were impatiently waiting for me already, that they set out to actually pick me up from work. 

Therein started our miscommunication.  I have left work and was still talking on the phone to people from work.  My friends were already driving to pick me up from the office. 

After leaving them with discombobulated direction on where I am, they finally found me on a Starbucks coffee shop; I was all pouty and fuming.  Unbeknownst to me, I have gave them really confusing direction (it’s emabarassing, really) and they were MORE POUTY AND FUMING than I was.   There were three of them so imagine just how many dagger looks and invectives I got.

Almost dragging me inside the car, we sped through the night looking for a great place to cool our heads off — together.  It’s weird that they hate me and I hate them and yet we still need to eat together, all because we’re friends. 

Our friend-driver/slave-driver friend brought us to this car wash… to eat.   I didn’t have the stomach for jackhammers, spar tires and car lubricants but hey, who am I to complain at this point?

We went inside the car wash and our friend-driver/slave-driver friend started ordering this burger and chili wings and what-not like a maniac. And left me at the counter to pay almost a thousand bucks for…midnight snacks, I guess.  Payback time for me.

I’ve never heard of this place before (because there hasn’t been a need for me…  as I am car-less) so I don’t have any idea what we’re getting into.

The chili wings are OFF THE HOOK HOT.  Seriously, hot like someone-really-hates-you hot. I had to tear it out the skin and whatever else it is covered on and get into the meat in order to enjoy it. I didn’t.  Thankfully, the trusty veggie salad is in their menu.

Chi-chi-chilli wings and some veggies
Chi-chi-chili wings and some veggies

We also shared some Angus beef burger.  They say it’s good but my taste must’ve been all messed up.

Their famous Angus beef burger
Their famous Angus beef burger

Over these food, we were able to catch up and chat up until the closing time.  We didn’t drink an ounce of alcohol but I was interested to try some of them, especially because they’re different and unfamiliar.  Our stories were spicy and sweet and this place was a great venue to hang out.  It was a girls-night out in a guy’s place.  It’s a place where all can be cool and okay and relax. 

I had this one coming.  And I welcome this! 

Location:  16 East Kapitolyo Dr Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Contact:  (02) 501-0137

Date Visited:  January 5, 2013


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