Manda Centrale – Mandaluyong City


There has been so much buzz about Mercato Centrale.

And the foodie in me was simply thrilled when I found out that the Mercato Centrale organizer is replicating that same thing here in Mandaluyong City!

At the last quarter of the year, I found out that Manda Centrale has already opened in Greenfield District in Mandaluyong. I’m quite familiar with the area because that space used to be a transport terminal that takes me hime

The transformation of the dreary EDSA Central/United to a lively Greenfield District is just remarkable! I used to be embarrassed to be here seen here but now, it has become a cool place to hang about.

And now that this night food market has sprouted here, I’d have more reasons to drop by! Manda Centrale has a variety of food and interesting drinks to choose from (sans alcoholic ones); plus an array of trinkets, ballets shoes, pouches and whatnots that will make any girlie girl crazy!

I visited Manda Centrale on a Thursday night so there wasn’t much people and there was no band. They said the place is busier on weekends.

The place was littered with call center people and a handful of regular office workers who like to decompress by pigging out while having lively chats with friends. This is habit-forming, what with the food, the affordability, the utter simplicity of everything, you’d be sure to come back here again and again… and again!




Going around, I realized Manda Centrale and similar night food markets (Mercato, Banchetto, Rockwell Moonlight Bazaar) not only offer interesting food but also an appealing opportunity for start-up business. I hope there’s a lot more of this for foodies like me and brilliant foodmakers like in those markets!

Location: Mayflower Parking Lot, Greenfield District, United Street, Mandaluyong City


Date Visited: November 29, 2012


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