It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

Today is the start of Starbucks Christmas season.  So a good friend and I had a weekend tête-à-tête at Starbucks in Promenade, Greenhills.

A bread that has cinnamon (my least favorite thing in the world) and pecan nuts (my most favorite thing in the world)
Choco cake is a must, right?


I woke up one October morning and caught a whiff of crisp pre-Christmas air.  I couldn’t belive it!  And I know the  Starbucks planners are not far away. True enough, right after the All Saints and All Souls’ days, you wake up and every branch of this popular designer coffee shop is replete with new sets of tumblers, the display of their three new planner designs and the OCD-inducing card that you need to block out!

Sooooo many tumblers to choose from? Consumerism in all its Christmassy glory!
Let the sticker-for-planner begin!

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