McCafe’s coffee float didn’t float my boat

I needed another kick of coffee this morning. I walked past Starbucks and headed to McDonald’s.

I recently saw their ad on newspaper with this giant, ice cold new coffee float. I was deadset on trying it since I saw it. Their iced mocha’s good, I like it a lot so I had high hopes for this new one.


I took a sip at it and it tasted like failed attempt. It reminded me of those times when I was a kid and experimenting on my food and drinks.


It is brewed coffee cooled and watered down, devoid of all the heavenly goodness brewed coffee brings.

The float and choco syrup on top didn’t help either. It was there more of like an afterthought than a grand finish-off.


Tomorrow morning if I feel like going for a McCafe cold drink kickstart, I’d stick to iced coffee. Or maybe, to my warm caramel macchiato.


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