Pasalubong: Pagadian City

It’s hard to find pasalubong in Pagadian City. I didn’t get my usual fix of ref magnets, key chains, trinkets, small bags. Nothing.

The city doesn’t have a pasalubong center like some provinces have.

As a city with fishing as a main livelihood, Pagadian prides itself with its dried fish called bulad.  This dried fish can be easily found in the market.  You can use your olfactory sense to lead you to it.


OK, to be honest, I didn’t take a bit of this nor took this home.   As per hearsay, this is salty.

There are many versions of dried fish and dried sea creatures.  Filipinos love those salty, smelly sun-dried meals!

For those with sweet tooth like me, there’s a special kind of peanut brittle here.  It’s called Piñato.  I only saw this in one of the five stores outside the airport.  Yes, ONE of FIVE.  I wasn’t afforded much choice but this snack right here is a gem!  It’s got the right amount of sweetness that will make you mindlessly pick one piece after another… after another… after another…


But though the city didn’t provide much pasalubong, Pagadian City is still quite a city to behold. They have interesting tricycles, sceneries and falls!


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