Small Talk Cafe – Legazpi City, Albay

I was thinking of pasta and pizza for dinner.  Small Talk Cafe put a Bicolano twist to my favorite Italian dish and I love it!

This local restaurant is a highly recommended.

Entrance to this quaint place
Dine al fresco
Or dine inside
Main dining area

This is the family home of the restaurant owner.  On either side of this room, there are doors to their rooms, as shared by one of the food attendants.  Aside from being talkative, the attendants were quite attentive and positions themselves well, I like it!

The cafe serve rice meals, pasta meals and pizza.  Since this is Legazpi, there’s much of laing going around here!  Laing is a Bicolano dish that is made of taro leaves cooked with (eee, my favorite!) coconut milk!  Bicolanos love putting coconut milk or gata in almost all their meals.  They even sell frozen laing in pasalubong (take-homes) centers so you can take the Bicol flavor to your family and friends back at home.  My father is from the Bicol region so I’ve had a good share of gata experience.

This place is all warm and friendly

The food serving here is quite generous.  I shared my pasta with two other guys.  The pasta is laden with laing and boy, it was a genius!

Spaghetti with laing

The pizza? Well, it’s still got my beloved laing.  You may thought it weird at first but once it lands on your palate, all doubts disappear.

Pizza with laing

I got my fix of Italian and Bicolano dish!

My favorite Italian food with my favorite Bicolano laing

Some of the guys I was with ordered rice and they got this as viand:


We finally had some dessert!  Nope, no laing anymore. But with another Bicolano trademark food- pili nuts!

Pie with pili

And here’s my staple washroom room photo.  I say it’s pretty clean.

This is the way to the wash room
A sneak peek of the loo =)

Location:  051 Dona Aurora St., Legazpi City, Albay

Contact: Facebook and (052) 480-1393

Date Visited:  September 21, 2012


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