The Legendary Alamo’s Eatery – Legazpi City, Albay

I’ve heard about this in one of those TV shows.  I just didn’t expect I’d eat here soon.

After hiking up some hill, we were begging for a respite and good lunch.  We’re the low-maintenance gang so we sought this infamous place.

My latest gatstronomical exploit is in Legazpi City, Albay, one of the most beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful provinces I’ve been.

Albay is the province where you can find the perfect-coned and highly active Mayon Volcano.  But for a omni-hungry person like me, this is where you can find the most satisfying lutong bahay (home-cooked) meal at the most pocket-friendly price!

Here’s a restau—err, place to eat where lutong bahay meals are at its best! This is Alamo’s Eatery!  This is so homey, pleasant, relaxing, I’m really felt transported to our home.  This place is legendary!  It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall place you’ll treasure forever!

Adobong pusit that’s super soft that it almost melts in your mouth, then the adobo taste lingers! (are you drooling now?)

Envy weighs heavily in my heart as I see groups of diners devouring their food.  It seems like they’re enjoying the food so much.  Alamo’s Eatery does not have a menu.  The attendant (which I suspect is one of the owners) just told us the available viands and we chose from the list he mentioned.

Those white meaty, tasty shrimps!

I realized it’s better to cook/serve shrimps cut in halves.  It allows the butter and other flavors to seep in.

Bulalo or hot stew of beef chunks and marrow!

Bulalo was our soup of choice.

Up for grabs, crabs and more!
Counterclockwise: Shrimp, pusit, bagoong, that was rice and bulalo. And at the center of it all — sili or chili: what Bicol region is famous for

Hot spicy food is what Bicol region in known for.  Chili is a must here.

The highlight of my dining experience

The food was definitely awesome. But the highlight of my dining experience is the presenteation of the fruit.  I asked for any fruti that they may have.  After a few minutes, they placed this monoblock chair beside me and brandished the bananas!

The eatery is only open from around 10 AM to about 2 PM in the afternoon. They just serve lunch.  You must be there early or make reservations.  People waiting for you are either the owners or their family member.

My companions and I were wondering how this cozy eatery get all started.  We were guessing one of the owner’s kids inviting his/her friends over, they loved the cooking and they spread the word.

They kept the place looking like a rundown apartment but inside you are treated to rooms after rooms of dining tables filled with sumptuous food.  Don’t let the look deceive you:

At the entrance
The room next to the entrance lobby
Waiting area
Good luck finding this place. Kidding. The info is below

Location: near Elizondo Street, downtown area of Legazpi City

Contact:  (052) 480-7258, 09152199980 and 09216547993

Date Visited:  September 21, 2012


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