Acacia Grill – Carcar City, Cebu

This is the only best place to dine in Carcar City! This is my second time to be here. This is the only place I’m brought to by any Cebuano company.

Carcar is somewhere in the middle of the huge island province of Cebu. They’re famous as a Spanish heritage site, for their chicharon or fried pork rind and for their shoes especially, the espadrilles.

We found ourselves starving so we went to Acacia Grill, the city’s best place to eat and buy footwear.

Hmm, what to choose…
Wash area to get things started — um, well, also when finished!

If you’d google Acacia Grill, you’d see a lot of photos of its furnishing. There’s no airconditioning so it must take a lot to take care of this lot. Their wooden chairs and tables are actually made of Acacia tree. And with Spanish influence, this swing and it’s intricate curves took my breath away:

Look at those lines and curves!

I developed a bit of a toilet fixation recently. I forgot to shoot the mouthwatering Filipino cuisines we had. But it never slipped my mind to take snapshots of the toilet.

I think it’s got pretty much what you need a toilet to have

As you let the food slide into your digestive tract, you may help yourself with the selection of quality footwear. Carcar City is the shoe capital of the Visayan Region.

Take a walk after you eat!
Ginormous shoe on display

After a sumptuous meal and a quick shoe shopping, we went out to try Carcar’s famous meaty chicharon. We drove to the city center and was hounded by sellers.

Pasalubong or take-homes!

But Magical, my cute company, didn’t mind. Look:

After the lunch, we head out for some… more… food! Chicharon!

Location: Tangasan, Valladolid Carcar City

Contact: FaceBook and 0917 303 3177

Date Visited: March 2012


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