Rose and Grace – Sto. Tomas, Batangas

OK, the photos here features mostly the place not the food. In the beginning of my new-found hobby (this right here you’re reading), I sometimes forget to take photos of the food.

But I don’t forget how they taste!

Rose and Grace Restaurant is one of the bulalo restaurant in Batangas. Bulalo soup is stewed beef bone marrow cooked with some leafy vegetables and corn. Bulalo soup is the world’s best way of relieving hang over. You gotta try it!

The photos here are from their Batangas branch. They have another one in Laguna.

Before taking your seat, several Filipino viands are on display for your picking
Pasalubong for your family and friends back home! From sweets, to the dairies to the coffee, they’ve got it all right here!
Just so I won’t forget the place, I take photo of myself!
Public and private transport ply by this road in Sto. Tomas so this restaurant is pretty hard to miss

Note to self: take photos of food

Location: Maharlika Highway, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Contact: Facebook

Date Visited: February 2011


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