Ka Inato – Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Ka Inato is not really hard to find in Puerto Princesa City, the largest city in the Philippines. You just have to follow the smell of grilled chicken.

Their specialty here is their spicy chicken.

The place look spooky with all the tribal presence around.

Wooden tribal statues
And they stand by you right next to you

And when you get over it, you’ll just enjoy the general vibe of the place: it’s laidback, it’s all-real and the food is delicious!

The place
The place is airy and relaxing!
Look at how the water from the painting connects well to the wash station — so clever!
Fruitty corner
Forgot to shot the food
The place grows on you, the food, umm, I can’t really remember them
Chill. I think this is what Puerto Princesa is all about.
Don’t forget about the colorful wooden thingy
And I don’t forget the wash rooms! I don’t have the “interior” though. The time that we were here I haven’t started with my wash room fixation yet.=)

Ka Inato is definitely one of the good ones in Puerto Princesa. There are far more popular restaurants around here like Ka Lui, Kinabuchs and Badjao. This island paradise has a lot more to offer: the underground river, the lovely beaches, the exotic food, colors, texture, flavors. I can’t wait to try them all! Soon!


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