Punong Restaurant – Tagum City

Tagum is this little quiet city that is slowly making it self known.

It’s town musical festival has attracted people from all over the globe.

They’ve made one of the country’s tallest Christmas Trees.

And the most remarkable thing about this place is their rows of Palm trees guarding  the National Highway known as Bincungan Highway on opposite sides.

And along the stretch of this highway, you’ll find a restaurant sitting still on a river.  This is Punong.

It’s hard to miss this when you’re coming in to Tagum from Davao. On the river, Punong Restauarnt has its quiet stance.
The river with that color is not exactly inviting but the food are!
The receiving area which is only a few walks away from the spacious parking area.

On the photo above, you’ll see to signages – Punong and Cafe Irenea.  Apparently aside from the main restaurant, they have a coffee nook as well for merienda or mid-day snacks.

We started ordering off their batik-inspired menu

The menu offer an array of authentic Filipino food – tasty, colorful, taste-bud-tickling good meals. Lami kaayo (my attempt to say in their local dialect: super delicious)!  Even the menu is a prelude to the experience.  It’s like in colorful batik cloth, the traditional Mindanao pattern.  The prices are quite reasonable.  The first few times I passed by the restaurant, I thought this is the fine-dining restaurant for the rich and famous of Tagum.  This is a place of pride.  You definitely won’t go wrong with this place.

Expect that your hands will be busy from picking on food, you have to do a quick stop to the wash area
Seaweed salad with slices of salted egg
Imbao or clam soup
Buttered shrimps with shredded cabbage
Fish…can’t tell what or how this happened =)
We had several crabs. Super yummy!
My tool to get to those yummy crab meats
This is my favorite from the set: baked seashells with cheese!
Digging in!
Surrounding us were water and wood

This is the kind of place we like to call “air-cool” as opposed to “air-conditioned.” With fresh air (no stench at all, I was surprised) and nonchalant customers, this is a perfect place to bring in guests
The place is made of bamboo and pawid, it is like an expanded version of the typical bahay kubo
This place offer more than just great dining experience. It also features an 8.8-kilometer boat ride to the mangroves.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try
Are you in the mood for fishing?
After the heavy meal (with many helpings of rice) and as I was waiting for my black coffee, I started walking off and taking more photos
It’s like a restaurant, river cruise site and park all rolled into one

This place is multi-faceted.  Other than awesome food, you are also guaranteed with awesome activities to pass time.  You may go for a stroll on the wooden walkways.  Sit around and enjoy the calmness of the river and the serenity of Tagum in totality.  You may go on a river cruise that just started in 2011.  To find out more about it, click here.  You may also go on fishing, if that floats your boat.  Maybe this is a good place to bring your date.  But I heard there are a lot of mosquitoes here at night.  Well, better wear jeans and long sleeves to keep the mosquitoes at bay at night.

Interesting pieces of furniture

In one of my previous posts, I’ve started showing photos also of the restroom.  And here’s my bonus feature/picture.  From now on, in every restaurant I go to, I would include photos of their restrooms.  If it is not your thing, then you may skip this part.  But if you’re like me who does a lot of bladder breaks, then I sure hope you find this useful.  A great restroom is a luxury in itself.

If you’re not in the mood to see the shots, consider yourself warned ‘coz here goes:

Right next to entrance, you’ll see what looks like a receiving area. Behind that wall are the wash rooms
Keeping it green – natural light
Here’s the view from the opposite side
The game of throne – got to have functional flush, tissue, trash can and of course…
… pale of water with tabo – this is a winner (by Filipino standards)!

Location:  Bincungan Highway, Tagum City, Davao del Norte

Contact:  Facebook page

Date Last Visited/Photos Taken: April 2012


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