Cabugao Seafoods Haus – Pavia, Iloilo

Definitely nothing fancy about this place.

It’s simply, aptly named Cabugao Seafoods Haus. Cabugao is the location. They serve fresh seafoods. It’s setting is so modest, like a bahay (haus) kubo.

It’s got a good location, at least for travelers. Located along the highway towards the Iloilo International Airport, this was where we had our hurried lunch before flying back to Manila.

The signage says it all
Heaven of a meal
Stuffed squid and baked talaba with cheese, ohhh, love, love, love
A soothing gulp of coconut juice with super super SUPER soft and ULTRA transparent linings, these are the marks of a young coconut

This lunch made me realize I want to shoot food and blog about it.

Iloilo is a special place for me, not only because my Mama is from here but also because this is the province that makes me dream, makes me think, makes me realize things.

Location: Cabugao Sur, Pavia, Iloilo (yeah, it’s on the topmost photo)

Contact: (6332) 320.1805 (yeah, that one’s on the same photo too)

Date Visited/Photos Taken: March 2012


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