Harana (?) in Davao City

This used to be the quaint Harana Seafood Restaurant.

Harana is a Filipino word meaning “serenade.”

I first ate here in November 2011.  It was a small place.  And their Filipino food cooking was awesome.  The seafood was on display and you’d choose which one to cook, and how to cook.  Fast forward to five months, BOOM! It’s transformed.  Replacing it is this big restaurant:

Fancy interior! This used to be just a simple restaurant.
It’s got al fresco dining area
I’m not sure if we’ve eaten these already or the servings are really small
Fruit salad, only few left
Adjacent to the restaurant, is this playground — where the old resto used to be

Location:  F. Torres St. (downtown), Davao City

Date Visited/Pictures Taken:  April 2012

*Davao City has recently celebrated their colorful Kadayawan Festival (August 19th), Dabawenyos annual thanksgiving celebration.  This fiesta is highlighted with floral floats, street dance and proudly-local product exhibits.   This Davao food phlog is posted to send my big “Cheers!” to this lovely city!


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