Fruit-ful catharsis

I’m no health buff but I truly take delight in fruits.  Their sweetness is beyond compare. The juices make me feel like I instantly get rehydrated and refreshed!  It’s almost midnight and I’m thinking of going out and buying some.  I hope this post will be cathartic for me.

Mangosteen. This is what happens when a Kaimito gets it on with a Santol
Of course, fruits taste so much better when you have other food on the table to feast on, right?
Fruit salad bowl served in damn-I-want more serving
You should get two servings
When I was a kid, I used to think these are worms. Apparently, Pomelo is good for digestion, it purges out all the toxic off your body. More worms?
DRrrrrrrragon fRrrrruit! I dunno I feel like being ferocious when saying/writing the fruit’s name
Fruitty corner
Fruit stands and those otherworldly-tongued vendors that seem to hypnotize you into buying more than you can eat or more than the airline baggage limit. Sometimes, you get too much that you feel sorry for the tree that bore these fruits.

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