Taps & Mix – GenSan

Taking the early morning two-hour flight to General Santos City, we got to this city of fast fist (Pacquiao) and fierce fish (Tuna) right in time for breakfast.

Exotic cities from Mindanao offer sumptuous meals.  But arriving early, we were kind of doubtful.  Thankfully, our friend brought us here in Taps & Mix.

It’s a 24/7 restaurant at the downtown area near Notre Dame Dadiangas University.

From here, you can catch a glimpse of the students from the Notre Dame. They look yummy too as they loiter around the open field. I’m just kidding.=)

I guess because it’s near the school, students hang around here too since it’s got free Wi-Fi.

But the morning we got there, the power was out.  We learned that the whole of Mindanao is experiencing power shortage for quite some time now.  No Wi-Fi nor airconditioning for us but it was OK.

But one thing that won’t catch shortage in Mindanao is their delicious meals!

Ordinary breakfast with extraordinary side dish!

You won’t experience culture shock here.  Their menu inlcudes ordinary meals you’d see around the country.  But of course, it also has those unique local delicacies.

In the photo above, that’s just tapsilog (Pork tapa, Sinangag and Itlog) and that side dish is dilis (These are small fish.  They’re beautiful when you see them swimming, they glisten under the sun!).  It was one tastily exciting meal!  And they’re really accomodating to customers especially to Tagalog speaking ones like us.

You want to know what to expect in this restaurant, here’s their menu:

And the price is not bad either, right?

Cozy place with cool aquarium!

To know more about Taps & Mix, here’s their Facebook page.

Date visited: April 21, 2012


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